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We specialise in the document viewing software of OpenText Inc and the raster editing software of GTX Corporation. OpenText products include Blazon Enterprise, Brava! Doc Merge, Brava! Enterprise, Brava! Desktop, and Redact-It. GTX Products include GTXRaster CAD and GTXImage CAD. Second Source is the UK distributor of these products since 1993 and 1994 respectively.

Blazon Enterprise is enterprise wide software for converting files to PDF, TIFF or CSF format
Brava! Desktop is standalone software for viewing 2D CAD files and documents
Brava! Doc Merge is standalone software for merging several files into one document
Brava! Enterprise, is a document management plug-in for viewing 2D CAD files and documents
GTXRaster CAD  is an AutoCAD plug-in for editing scanned drawings
GTXImage CAD is standalone software for editing scanned drawings
Redact-It is for creating copies of documents but with sensitive information redacted

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